Territorial Warfare The Basic Design Portals 03

Territorial Warfare The Basic Design Portals 03

F du Toit

1. The design of the Tabernacle
2. The Way
3. The Truth
4. The Life
5. The corrupted design
6. How to recognize the counterfeit

The Tabernacle is a prototype set by God for man to move from the natural world into the spiritual world. It will therefore certainly be copied by the enemy and rebuilt at many places on the earth. Satan wants to establish the designs of darkness on the earth. He knows however that there are spiritual designs and principles that must be in place for any structure to function and meet its purpose.
The warrior needs to be trained to recognize the designs and principles so that he himself will not be deceived, and in order for him to be an instrument in the hand of the Lord to break down the designs, structures, altars, thrones and cities of the enemy.

The design of the Tabernacle
The design of the tabernacle can be divided into three sections that are each separated by a door.
The door between the outside and the inner court of the temple was called “The Way”. The first object that you would encounter after entering through the “The Way” would be the altar. Sacrifices would be made on the altar. The blood of the dead animal was significant as it was a symbol of atonement. The blood of the animals would cover the sin of the person bringing the sacrifice, but could never remove the sin done by the person who did it. (Hebrews 10:4)
Behind the altar there was found a huge basin with water. Here you had to clean yourself before entering through the next door called “The Truth”.
Note that the door called “The Way” and the sacrifices on the altar and the basin with water are synonymous with the right of passage into the Tabernacle.
The next door was called “The Truth” and separated the outer court from the Holy place in the Tabernacle.

Inside the Holy place you would find three main objects. Firstly, the Menorah (candelabrum) was standing there, bringing light into an otherwise dark room. Secondly, there was a table with twelve loaves of show-bread, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. On the table were also placed offerings of wine. Thirdly, just before leaving the room to go through the third door, there was a smaller altar for the burning of incense. Each of these objects would represent a fundamental truth in the Jewish and Christian faith.

Once a year the High Priest could enter through the third door called “The Life”. After bringing a sacrifice for the unknown sins of the nation, the high priest, clothed in his robe, and with a rope tied to his one ankle would enter through the door called “The Life”. In his hands he would have a bowl with incense as an act of worship as he
entered into the most sacred space in the Tabernacle, the “Holies of Holies”. If he had any unconfessed sin in his life he would drop down dead. His fellow priests would then drag him out from the Holies of Holies without them themselves having to enter, lest they too might die.

In the Holies of Holies there were no windows. The only source of light was the supernatural presence of God Himself. The presence of God was evident through a white cloud that hovered over the seat of the Ark of the Covenant. Once the priest entered the Holies of Holies he had entered a place of the supernatural manifestation of God. The priest knew when God’s presence had left the Tabernacle, as there would be no light in the Holies of Holies. However, had a man entered the Holies of Holies and experienced the supernatural presence of God, he would never be the same again.
When looking at the design of the Tabernacle, and later the Temple, it is clear that the Temple is a blueprint (design) for man to connect with God. It shows a path from the natural dimension into the supernatural dimension (spiritual world).

For generations humans could not enter freely into the Holies of Holies. When Jesus came, a major event took place in the Temple as He hung on the cross, as the moment He “gave up his spirit”, the curtain (door) called the “The Life” was torn from the top (which was out of reach to human hands) to the bottom, thereby opening up the sacred space behind it called the Holies of Holies.

In those moments the priest could no longer hide the fact that the presence of God had left them. It brought great fear into the heart for those who had still trusted in the religious system of their day. Jesus knew it all along and yearned to tell them that His presence amongst them was worth more than the Temple standing in Jerusalem. Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is near!” (Mark 1:15)

The Way
Jesus himself said in John 14:6, “I Am THE WAY and The Truth and The Life…” With this announcement He is saying that He is the final sacrifice. There will be no need to sacrifice an animal again. His blood brought remission of sins (Hebrews 10:18). That means that the sins of the man who was born again was removed from the presence of God and that man was deemed justified and righteous. Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, gives every man who calls upon His name to be saved, the rite of passage to enter in and meet with God the Father.
The huge basin with water was the symbol in the Old Testament for what would be known as the Baptism in the New Testament. In Mathew 28 Jesus speaks His final words to His disciples and commissions them to preach the good news of the gospel
to all men and to baptise those who received the Truth (seed) into their lives in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Truth
The objects in the Holy place in the Tabernacle are each by itself a symbol of a deep fundamental truth. It is not the aim of the writing to explain the deeper meaning of each object and only a short summary will be given.
The Menorah represents Christ Himself. 1 John 1 reads that Christ is the Light of men. The Menorah speaks to the Messiah and Saviour of man to come and make it possible to come out of darkness and live in His Kingdom of Light (1 Peter 2:9).
The Table with the bread and wine was a symbol of the Holy Communion as it is spoken about in John 6 and 14-17. The truth of believers being In Christ and Christ in them needs to be understood in order to move into the Holies of Holies. Please see the teaching on the communion under the heading “Come to the Table” for a further in-depth study.
The small altar with the incense is a symbol of the act of worship in the believer’s life. David said that one should enter into God’s presence with singing, joy, thanksgiving and similar acts of worship (Psalm 100:4). This becomes the preface for the act of worshipping God in Spirit when entering through the final door.

The Life
In John 10: 8-11 Jesus Himself said that He is the door. In 1 Timothy 2:5 it states that there is one mediator between man and God and that is Jesus Christ. For any spiritual voyage the following is true:
In the holy place truth is established in the heart of a believer, and it is received by faith. Man will meet a god in the holies of holies that is described by the truth that was received through faith.
That means that you could have received words that are either the truth, or words that present itself as truth but can be lies. If the latter is the case then such a man has been deceived. It is in this spiritual space that the enemy has placed many of his designs to deceive the human race. Instead of meeting the Lord Jesus Christ, humans may meet a demonic entity, all the time thinking that he/she has met God. May the body of Christ receive insight to know the Truth that will set them free.
Meeting the Living God in the Holies of Holies is a deep and significant event in the life of a believer. A more in-depth discussion will soon follow on the topic should the Lord Jesus allow me to write about it.

The corrupted design
The Tabernacle is a prototype for man to move from the natural world into the spiritual world, it will certainly be copied by the enemy and rebuilt at many places on the earth. Satan wants to establish the designs of darkness on the earth. He knows however that there are spiritual designs and principles that must be in place for any structure to function and meet its purpose.
The warrior needs to be trained to recognize the designs and principles so that he himself will not be deceived, and in order for him to be an instrument in the hand of the Lord to break down the designs, structures, altars and thrones of the enemy.

How to recognize the counterfeit
In this section will follow a list of counterfeit structures placed in different places on the planet in order to copy the design for a spiritual portal. A connection between the natural world and the spiritual world is called a portal, vortex or chakra.
How to open the door:
The blood of the Lamb opens the door for the believer in Christ Jesus. The counterfeit attempts will be one or more of the following:

 The blood sacrifices of animals and/or humans
 The light of the sun, the moon or the stars
 The sound of a bell or a gong
 The frequency of 110Hz
 The sound of Ahum (the universal sound though which it is believed that everything came into existence)
 The blood of the dead, as in war memorials
 Geological energy, e.g. volcanic activity
 Meditation, e.g. Yoga
 Altars
 Steles
 Trading on Satan’s trading floor
To enter into the holy place and establish designs and lies in order to deceive mankind, Satan will use one or more of the following:
 Monuments
 Statues
 Logos, e.g. company logos
 Company names
 Coats of arms, e.g. families, schools, countries
 Buildings, street patterns and architectural structures build in the form of a gateway or yoni
 Establishing a culture amongst the people that will include ceremonies and festivals that are rituals or “plays” that talks about demonic designs. Examples of this are Easter, Christmas, harvest festivals and the opening ceremony of the Channel Tunnel between France and England.
 The mind-set of what is right and wrong for the people in that community is changed (truth is exchanges for lies) – this normally happens over time.

The final step would be to enter into the holies of holies where there is an encounter with the deity for whom the truth was established in the holy place. This happens through the act of worship. The following activities or structures are examples of the corrupt attempt by Lucifer to have the human race worship Him and his demonic structures of authority:

 Establishing a throne
 Acts of worship: prayer, dancing, singing, bringing sacrifices, reading from the holy books
 Rituals to make contact with the gods, e.g. astral travel, entering a trans-like state through drugs, dancing or raves, gambling, prostitution, abortion clinics, church services and other religious happenings
 Trading – to give yourself to/for and entity/cause, to make a covenant
 The act of homosexuality (sodomy)
 The human body is used/possessed and acts out the demonic designs of Lucifer
As warriors in the Kingdom of Light it remains our responsibility to remain dependent on the leading of the Holy Spirit. NEVER should a warrior act on his/her environment. You should only act on divine instructions.

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  1. Hi, I was opened up to a doorway 12 years ago, by a oujie board, and it so happened to be in a house where a lady who has a long history of being in the black arts, and hated me for reasons unknown to me. Her hate being something That had been used against me through a satanic door and caused illness, addiction, and I couldn’t even have an idea of what evil that has been used in order to try to destroy me. They have been trying to make me believe that my children are going to be there’s, and that they already did something to my emotions and tried transfer of spirits. I’m only explaining this as it’s come to my attention through voices. They are a cult in Yakima valley, and I’m sure it has connections through other means of destruction. They use frequencies to travel their voices of thought into places where people become programmed. I don’t know how deep this goes, I have been fighting witches who were cursing my family, and the lady of the ouje board house has had a hit put on me, and used spiritual ways of trying to accomplish this. I actually went through an experience where I felt death coming, and my life being taken, that night I believe my soul, or spirit was somehow captured, and I’m praying for Deliverance from addiction, as well as the evil influence on my life that has slowly been losing it’s way, they have used words that have caused me illness by saying my name, as well as family children, and my trying to find my whole heritage of my tree, to destroy it’s roots. That didn’t work because it would have taken out the demons they are trying to keep, for something. I don’t understand how to explain this in the biblical sense that would then give understanding as to this evil unholy Trinity that has been using the I am in ways of blasphem to cause me and my mom and brother so much torment, illnes, and somehow controlled over our Free Will by using family members to take action that by hindering us through a false way of teaching and by using fear of hell to control thoughts to act upon fear in order to stay good for God, and that kind of hindering causes feelings that begin to resent the God that has been perceived as a mean judge that will punish us for sin and instead of the love that he is so deserving of, it’s more like hate for him making a place where evil controls people and kills us separating us from the love we fear losing to death. That we need to be hearing how much he loves us and the Jesus is the one who suffered so much pain, and that being enough to save us from what this world is going to do in the end. And I have been traveling through a death that had buried me so far down into a place where all evil has it’s thoughts on an open line that has frequencies sending out certian things, I’ve heard them even coming out of radio frequencies, and the air conditioning. Maybe binding the prince over the power of the air would keep the air Waves from transporting thoughts that had received whatever they sent, and in form of answers that were given in a question. And somehow by a person having to hear a series of these they have targeted for thoughts out of what was being thought of from hearing The series of questions. Also portraying as my thoughts, and being aware of how I think has made their thoughts ridiculous.
    This is hopefully almost over, they aren’t receiving what they believed to be a source of power that was supposed to rise up to the degree that they figured and as the presence of God being the “I am” accention, where the one’s who would become in their Christ presence in a new age religion that satanic cults have believed to be a way to steal what can’t be stolen and turned into a lie where Christ identities could be stolen and used by a counterfit. Im not explaining this as accurate as it may be. They must have forgotten that Christ is a body, and he is in his own mind very knowing of who he is, and his body is not ever against itself.
    Please pray for the doors where the voices are still trying to think invading my mind be closed off, and no understanding from my mind or it’s comprehension to be read in any way of the occult tactics. I ask for prayers in that whatever I do here be only something that serves the purpose of our father giving him glory, and that I reunite with the children that God gave me, and that they be protected from the evil influence that were upon my life, and kept safely hidden in the place where only The true God has them placed, and all be changed back into the order and creation of the Father and his governing forces being over all and Jesus on the thrown where his governing forces are closing out the evil that can’t understand it’s way, Jesus is Lord, and the King of Kings…. Amen

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