The Tabernacle Temple as a proto type of a portal into the spiritual realm (PO2)

The Tabernacle Temple as a proto type of a portal into the spiritual realm (PO2)


F du Toit


1) The tabernacle as a proto type of portals
a) The three doors
2) Energy is needed to open a portal
3) Portals in the human body
4) How are chakras opened
5) The reason for the kundalini in a human body
6) How to close a portal or chakra and dealing with the kundalini

1.) The tabernacle as a proto type of portals
a) The three doors
The tabernacle had three doors… the first door separated the outside of the tabernacle
from the inside (outer court yard) and it was called the WAY.
The second door separated the outer court of the tabernacle from the holy place. In the
outer court you would find the altar and the bowl of water to wash yourself before entering
the Holy place. Inside the Holy place was placed the table with bread and wine, the
menorah (golden lampstand) and the altar of incense. This door was called the TRUTH.
The third door separated the Holy place from the Holies of Holies and was called the LIFE.
Inside the Holies of Holies was the Ark of the Covenant. On top of this ark the presence of
God was manifested as a white cloud. There were no windows to allow natural light to
enter. If the presence of God left, the room was filled with darkness.
It is clear that the design of the Tabernacle and the Temple of Solomon was indeed a
blueprint for the Jews to make contact with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Today several cults and religions have modelled their path to become a god or meet with
the gods, on the design of the tabernacle. Next will follow a basic outline of the pattern
used for worship in the tabernacle. Should you read about any false religion or cult or secret
society be on the lookout for the following actions or rituals:
A. It all starts with a sacrifice or ritual to release blood or a form of energy. This action
or event is called the “way” as it is the point of entrance. This can also be soul energy
as is the case with yoga and meditations. It can also be a full moon or the sun at a
specific time e.g. when the seasons change and spring time comes to the southern
hemisphere the sun moves across the equator to bring longer days and warmers
conditions to the nations in the southern hemisphere. (Spring equinox). Should the
cults require a portal for the sun gods to enter and rein over the southern
hemisphere a sufficient amount of energy is required to open this portal. This is the
reason for several people becoming sick as their chakras are open and their soul
energy is tapped. Also several rituals and offerings are made to “welcome” spring
time and thus the worship of a goddess provides further soulish energy. The
kundalini plays an important role in opening and keeping the chakras of humans
open in order to facilitate the stealing and channelling of soulish energy. Soulish
energy is channelled from one human to another through soul ties. This empowers
the priests or grand masters or shamans to perform and channel the energy to open
the first door to the gods in the spiritual realm.
B. The second door is called the Truth. There is only One Truth and that is our Lord
Jesus Christ. Satan will however present to the human race a mixture of truth and
lies as pure truth. No human will want to believe any lies and so they need to be
deceived in believing that what is presented to them, is truth. The very nature of
Satan is to specialise in conjuring up lies in every format possible. If you will swallow
a lie, Satan will have one tailor made just for you. Why does the human race have to
be exposed to lies? It is because the Truth will set them free ( John 8:32 ) and lies
will do just the opposite and that is to take them captive! Whatever you hold as
your truth is what or who you will meet and receive from in the spiritual realm.
The cross over or conduit between two portals is a certain believe system or your
conviction of truth. It is by faith that we receive in this natural dimension what
comes from the spiritual realm.

Above diagrams : Portals to the under-world found in various
places. A key stone. The duat symbol. The green man also known as the
kundalini and Mithras killing a bull in sun worship.

In Hebrews 11:6 it reads: “…For whoever would come near God must believe that
God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek
C. The third door was called the door of Life. In the counterfeit version to enter this
door Satan has placed himself in this positions. He uses the avatar of the snake also
known as the kundalini or false holy spirit.

Diagrams from left to right: The spinal cord
used as a djed through which the kundalini
serpent energy is channelled, The kundalini
represented on the human spine supported by
a djed.

Symbols and rituals for this cross over door include the following: the key stone
(Freemasonry), the green man (Wiccan and Druidism), making the Aum – sound and
the sound of the bell (Hindus), the sun beetle in Egypt (Sun worship), the act of
sodomy (e.g. Freemasonry, Sun worship, Druidism), reaching the height of a trans
like state of mind (Shamanism) , astral projection and several other religious rituals
of similar nature. Any ritual that would give a human an experience that could cause
the human to think that he had an encounter with his god, would take the place of
Jesus Christ as the true door into the spiritual realm.

Diagrams from left to right: Indicating the position of the chakras in the human
body. The chakras are a type of vortex or portal that opens through rituals in order
to allow the kundalini serpent energy to move up through the spine.

2. Energy is needed to open a portal
A spiritual principle states that portals can only be opened when enough energy is
available to open up the door between the spiritual and the natural.
What types of energy is needed and how it is channelled is discussed in the teaching
on Generators in the spiritual world.

As believers in Christ Jesus we know that it is because of the blood of the Lamb that
was slain that the door between humans and Father God was opened. The blood of
Christ is the strongest and most powerful item in the Spiritual realm when it comes
to opening and cleansing or payment in order to redeem and set the captives free.
It is important to say that it is not wrong for Christians to make contact with the
spiritual realm. Johan 4:24 states that God is Spirit and those who worship Him must
worship Him in spirit and in truth. As believers we are to interact with the spiritual
realm only through the Holy Spirit and only through the door or portal of Jesus
Christ. Any other portal will lead you to meet Satan and his demonic entities who
present themselves as gods.
Consider again the passage in John 10:9-10. In John 10:9 He said himself:” I am the
Door; anyone who enters in through Me will be saved (will live).” And also in John
10:10b “… I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the
full, till it overflows).”
The kingdom of darkness is desperate to copy and have something that will do the
same for them as what the Blood of the Lamb does for believers, yet they will never
find a replacement. Thousands of years later Satan still has to make use of far
inferior methods to open doors in the spiritual dimension in order to bring his evil
designs upon the earth. The result is the destruction of the human race and the
capturing of the energy resources of the planet we human live in.

3. Portals in the human body
The human soul and body are a source of energy and life that can be used by Satan should
the human willing agree to it that his body may be used or should the human be deceived in
thinking that releasing the life and energy in his body is actually a good thing e.g. during a
ritual or act of worship.
The human body was designed by the Creator to contain the life that he had placed in it. It
was never supposed to lose the energy and life given to it as the human body was designed
to live for ever. After the fall of man this changed and to the extent that evil increased on
the earth the life expectancy of man decreased.

How are chakras opened
Satan was successful in establishing opening into the human soul that is today known as
chakras. In order for the chakras (portals or doors between the spiritual and natural realms)
to be opened energy is needed. The kundalini serpent energy is used to open the chakras.
Different cults will have their different ways. Some will drink a concoction and go into a
trans while other will dance themselves into a trans. The Freemasons make use of the act of
sodomy to open the chakras and the eastern religions use reiki yoga and similar actions to
open the chakras.
8) The reason for the kundalini in a human body
In all the cults it is clear that no matter what kind of rituals are followed it all have the
ultimate aim to open the chakras and allow the kundalini serpent energy to move freely in
that individual’s body. This will keep the chakras open and thus satan can tap the human’s
soul energy… slowly killing the human body and using the energy to establish his designs on
the earth.
For an in-depth teaching on the kundalini and how it functions please visit the web site of
Ignited in Christ or Trumpet call ministries and read the free down loads or order the dvd’s
teaching on the kundalini.
9) How to close a portal or chakra and dealing with the kundalini
Please refer to the teaching on the kundalini at the Ignited in Christ Ministries or Trumpet
call Ministries for a renunciation prayer regarding the kundalini serpent energy.
To close the chakras I believe an individual also needs to repent for his/her involvement
(knowingly or unknowingly) in activities that could open a chakra or activate the kundalini or
awaken the kundalini. After repenting the believer then askes the Father to seal all the
opening (chakras) with the blood of the Lamb (As a portal was seal by the blood of the first
pass over lamb in Egypt) and you as a believer can also lock every portal using the keys of
the kingdom given to you by the father. This is something every believer should do while
waiting on the Holy Spirit to give him/her instructions on what to say. The Holy Spirit is truly
our teacher and will guide you on what to do and what to say.
Should a believer have done all that he or she believes the Holy Spirit instructed him/her to
do and still have challenges with open chakras it would be worth the efforts to test for
demonic soul copies as they are often there to keep a chakra open in a person’s life by
introducing sin into the life of a human (for clarity on demonic soul copies please refer to
the ministry of Ignited in Christ).


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