A deeper understanding of the Communion

A deeper understanding of the Communion

F du Toit

Jesus said: “I am the truth, the way and the life…” John 14:6
1. Let us start by asking and answering two questions:” why does the kingdom of darkness spend so much time to activate and build structures to generate and relay energy”?

2. “What happened after the fallen angels left the presence of God in the heavenly places”?

Jesus himself said that He is the Truth, the Way and the Life. While the demonic spirits were in heaven as glorified angels they were sustained by the life of Christ. They were radiant and would live forever in that state. However after the rebellion in heaven the angels that rebelled against God were cast out of heaven to the earth. Not only did they have to leave the place called heaven but they also were separated from their source of life. From that moment the angels started dying and were desperate to find any source of life that would make it possible for them to live and move and be operative.

The spiritual principle states that the life is in the blood.

By drinking human blood and making it available through wars, natural disasters, road accidents and similar events a regular flow of blood would provide a source of life to the demonic world to sustain it.
More sources of life and energy will be discussed later.

The demonic realm was also desperate to gain any form of authority as they have lost it all. They gained authority by doing the following:
 Lucifer usurped Adams authority be getting Adam to submit to him in the garden of Eden.
 Lucifer also uses people to establish the DUAT principle by lining up structures on earth with heavenly bodies that have been given authority to rule, such as the sun and the moon to increase their territory and position. (The higher a person is positioned the greater your authority.) (Micah 1:3 and Philippians 2:9)
 More will be said when the topic of territory is discussed.

 2. Where is the human race today?

As humans we are in a similar situation. When Adam and Eve sinned the Lord said that they will die, even on that day. However they did live for several years after that day. When their death is understood to be the day they would be disconnected from the life of Christ that would have sustained them forever, it makes perfect sense to conclude that the human race was in the same boat as the demonic spirits, and that they too would have to find a way to re-establish the life line with God or remain in the state of death for ever. Thanks be to God the Father who had made a plan to reconcile man to Himself even before the foundation of the earth was laid. This was made possible because of the love God the Father had for us. Jesus paid the price to reestablish the unity between God and the human race. Thank You Lord Jesus.
John 6:56 “he who eats my flesh and drink my blood dwells in Me and I in him”

 3. Why then do the believers use communion?

John 6:54 Whoever eats My flesh, and drinks My blood, has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.”
John 15:5-6 …” without Me you can do nothing…”
This is truly a wonderful truth that affects our whole existence here on earth. Those who are born again have been reconnected to the very source of life Himself! The communion is therefore not only there to remind us that we have been washed by the blood of the Lamb. It is much more than that. It is a prophetic act that signals in the natural realm what is happening in the spiritual dimension. Born again humans are receiving true life. It is available in abundance. It is the God type of life and not from this world. It sustains our spirit man and makes it possible to do what Christ Himself did and even do greater things. May the revelation you receive flood you whole being.
My Testimony:
As is the case with most women, my levels of estrogen started to drop in my late forties resulting in me suffering from headaches for ten days or more every month. I had started to learn the deeper meaning of communion after reading Anna Mendez Ferrell’s book and had spent time pondering on how it applies to my everyday life. I also had asked the Lord to give me revelation regarding divine health and how I could trust Him to heal me rather than using medication.
As I was pondering on all these things the Holy Spirit reveal to me that the blood of the Lamb that was slain contained all the hormones my body needed to function as it should no matter how old I would be at the time. Every time I partook in communion a spiritual blood transfusion takes place. I rejoiced in the revelation I received and applied it to my life every time I took communion. All my headaches resulting from low estrogen levels stopped. I was so grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ for all He had done for me. I believe there is so much more that we as the body of Christ should learn regarding the strength of the blood of Christ. Every time we drink the blood we receive light or revelation of the kingdom of our Lord.
For further studies you may want to read a book by Anna Mendez Ferrell called “Eat My flesh and drink My blood”.

Why are believers sealed with the Holy Spirit?

 Before a human spirit becomes born again it is dead because of sin and the spirit of that human cannot interact with the living God. The Bible describes that’s state of the human as a man with a heart of stone (Ezekiel 36:26) or as a human living in darkness.
 When a human repents for their sin and receives Jesus Christ as their Master and Savior the moment is described as the moment when that human spirit becomes born again. The Person received the Words of the gospel (Romans 10:17) and by grace through faith that human will then be saved from eternal death. The moment a human becomes born again it
is possible for that human to interact with the spiritual world through the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:16-18) and commune with the Father, Sun and Holy spirit in order to know God and have fellowship with Him (John 6:47).
 Once your spirit becomes born again, you have become a vessel for the indwelling Holy Spirit… John 15:5 explains that it is possible for you to receive life from Jesus and your spirit will be seen in the spiritual dimension as a source of light… John 1
 As a believer your soul and body receives this new life from Christ Himself so that we can say we live because Jesus was raised from the dead and He is alive for ever more! From this flows healing and power to live a Spirit lead life in a broken world.
 The father has therefore sealed us of with His Holy Spirit in order to prevent satan from tapping in, into this source of life.
 However the unbelievers are themselves also a source of soulish and bodily energy. In order for satan to tap this energy he activates his counter fit spirit the kundalini to move through gates in the human soul called chakras, and in doing so makes a link to tap energy from humans. People can also tap each other’s energy and it is this that causes certain people to live to a very old age while others die in their place. In the cults there are those who are referred to as “Time-lords” who lives extended lives because other humans have died in their place.


 Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians knew about the human soul and how it could be used to channel life and energy. They would refer to humans as “djeds”. When you look at the Egyptian hieroglyphs it would make more sense to interpret the information on the walls as individuals as seen in the spirit world. The hieroglyphs can also be interpreted as humans without their human bodies, thus the manifestation of their soul dimension. If you then look at the hieroglyph of the “djed” you can see that the spirit-man can be used like a generator with an aerial… either to send energy or a signal or to receive energy or a signal.

The humans without Jesus Christ as their source of life are desperate to find any form of life or energy in this world, even if they can take it from another human being. (More is said on the topic in the teaching on “Souls, Energy and Territory”.) Christians therefore need to close chakras in their own lives and not break the seal of the Holy Spirit. More is taught about the human djed in a separate teaching.
 Another reason why humans are losing the life that God has placed in their spirits is when they form unholy soul ties with humans through friendships. It is good to have a bond (soul tie) between two people that support each other. When one of the individuals in a relationship taps the second individual it results in the second individual becoming e.g. depressed or ill. One such relationship could be a mother and a child that is addicted to drugs. The mother would suffer tremendously because the child, through the soul tie or
bond between them, will tap the soul energy of the mother through the mother’s emotions of sadness, anger and hopelessness. The child needs more soul energy because the child is losing his/her own soul energy through his/her involvement in drugs.

Breaking unholy soul ties.

Soul ties are connections that are made between humans (and between humans and spiritual entities) as a support system. It forms between individuals when two people experience the same deep spiritual event or when they experience the same emotional event or make a physical connection through a sexual relationship. Soul ties are therefore not all evil and wrong but it can be used as a tool to transfer soul energy. Some individuals make you feel good when you are in their presence. You can receive or give to them without you feeling that they took something from you against your will. The negative effect of a person tapping your soul energy could involve your emotions (anger, fear, hopelessness, loneliness) or your mind (confusion, doubt, repeated wrong decisions that goes against all logic in the situation) or you will (you feel captured).
It is therefore important to ask yourself on a regular basis:” how do I feel about my friendship / relationship with any particular person (spouse / children / friends / ex-boyfriend- girl-friend).
There should be complete peace between you and those you live with at all times. Scripture says in Romans 12:18 “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, life at peace with everyone”.
As a believer you need to ask for forgiveness regarding any wrong doing or neglecting of a relationship. Then break the unholy soul tie between you and the individual in the name of Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus to seal your soul from this individual regarding any unholy connections that he/she wants to re-establish in the future. Please remember that our Lord will never go against you free will, should you allow the person to reconnect with you, the connection will be made and you will have to start over again.

Why do we need to break unholy soul ties? The individual will continue to tap from your soul-man energy and life. One of the first places you will notice it will be in your health and in your sleeping habits. Energy and life that was supposed to sustain you will be taken from you, leading to manifestations of chronic illnesses and feeling tired. The opposite is when you don’t have unholy soul ties you will live in good health, enjoy life and have zeal to do what the Holy Spirit has set before you to do, thus to live out your destiny.
There is certainly much more to a life of holiness than merely breaking unholy soul ties, but it remains an important aspect in our encounters with those around us. May this be true for every believer when receiving the revelation from the Holy Spirit concerning the taking of communion.
Remember that as a born again believer you receive life in abundance from our Lord Jesus (John 10:10). This started the day you become a living Spirit and continues every time you partake in the communion (John 6:3). The purpose of the life we receive from God is to allow us the live a life of victory over sicknesses and deceases, but most importantly it makes it possible for us to have fellowship with the living God. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for Your Sacrifice of Love.
John 3:16
“God so loved the world that He gave up His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”

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  1. This is a very interesting article, I came across it as I do research for my sermon. I am very intrigued and would love to read more on the topic of breaking unholy soul ties and and being sealed in the holy spirit. Sometimes things happen to me that I cannot explain after interacting with some people and just this snippet of article gives some revelation that I would love to pursue further. God word is so on point “as a people we are being destroyed by lack of knowledge’.

    1. Dear Melissa, thanks for your reply. Grateful you found the article of help.
      you know so much more can be said about each topic that its hardly possible to have it all compiled on a single forum.
      however make sure you tune into our Podcasts – we are addressing more issues there is short and to the point messages.
      some continue on previous discussion and others to be new points.
      if you have a specific question with details, we would love to answer it on our podcasts in a general topic.
      you can either mail it to me or even send me a Whatsapp on 0824541958.
      regards, The Nikao

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