6 Replies to “Various teachings incl Jezebel and Ahab, Bloodline Curses, Leviathan – Ignited in Christ”

    1. Hi Mandie
      Other websites like those of Kanaan Ministries, Trumpet Call, and Retha Mcpherson has a lot of material on this
      I believe it will be of great help.
      Regards, Nikao

    1. Hi Trish
      Kanaan Ministries as well as Eben Swart from Trumpetcall has lots of information and material about this
      I truly believe you will find what you are searching for on their websites.
      Even Retha Mcpherson.
      Regards, Nikao

  1. This False Holy Spirit Invation ofChurches is real. Churches that preach the Word strictly and do not produce these false manifestations do not attract large congregations. The indeed proliferated the Churches. In SA they have become more common with the advent of manypreachers /prophets from outside thecountry

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